Our chimney cakes are combination of a longstanding tradition and modern twist. Originating in Hungary and backdating to 16th century, chimney cakes are becoming popular all around the world. But what inspired us? It was Old Town Square in Prague. Just imagine walking around markets, following the tempting aroma of caramelising sugar, baking cakes and cinnamon. 

These sweet yeast dough treats are baked on fire, coated with delicious flavors and upon slipping off the wooden roll, steams comes up the chimney cake like a smoking chimney, giving the cakes their name.

And how the magic happens?   
  • Our own tried and tested recipe  
  • Fresh homemade dough with NO additives or preservatives
  • A lot of rolling, proving and baking 
  • Fresh seasonal ingredients and innovative ideas at the heart of our concept
  • Delicious toppings and flavours bringing back the old traditions and modern twist on British and intercontinental  flavours
  • Our passion and love for what we do 
fresh dough ready for baking


Established in 2017, we may be ‘the new kid on the block’, but our Chimney Cakes growing custom and popularity speak for itself. Baked fresh to order within few minutes, our fluffy chimneys unravel into a spiral of delight with a pull of your finger. Feeling like taking it to the next level? How about dipping your cake to a freshly whipped cream or go for the ultimate treat of filled cone! Feeling tempted? Check out our menu and don’t just take our word for it, come and have a taste on one of our upcoming events. 

Have a little peak on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to see what we are working on and where to find us next.

We hope you enjoy our cakes as much as we enjoy baking them for you.